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Zotafoams are closed cell foams that can be converted easily using traditional foam fabrication techniques such as cutting, routing, glueing, laminating, welding and die-cutting, and they can come in all densities. They can also be thermoformed into complex single component structures providing many benefits over multi-layer foam systems, including weight and cost reduction.

Zotafoams such as Zotek F possess very low heat-release values, an essential requirement for cabin interiors, and may be used in conjunction with materials such as leathers which generally exhibit higher OSU values where average results for material combinations need to be achieved.

They are highly recommended for usage in packaging fragile equipment such as consumer electronics, where the cushion packaging needs to be manufactured in a highly skilled manner, and they have a limitless shelf life. Zotafoams can be used almost indefinitely without showing any signs of wear and tear, although prolonged exposure to solar radiation or harsh chemical environments could make it more finite.

Zotafoam & plastazote foam sheets

Plastazote foams are used in many seating and soft trim areas. The low-density closed cell nature of plastazote foam sheets allows significant weight reduction in seat cushions. They are also used for providing buoyancy or support in crucial areas of seat cushions, improving both comfort and durability.

Plastazote foam is used for providing soft touch and energy management around seating areas. These include foam-backed fabrics used around superior seating, seat armrests and crash pads on the rear of headrests.

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