Laminating Line

Brackens Foam Fabricators

has a variety of lamination capabilities, allowing us to create unique composites out of a number of foams and other substrates. Open and closed-cell foams, medical-grade coated textiles, and a variety of other specialised materials are among the substrates.

Customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, marine, military, and sports benefit from laminating foam. They employ laminated foam for a variety of purposes, including sound insulation, heat resistance, and liquid and gas containment. Foam surfaces, wheelchair cushions, stretcher pads, positioners, professional displays, interior fender panels, vehicle liners, footwear, and even clothes can all be made out of them.

Fabricators can choose from a variety of foam laminating technologies, the most prevalent of which are adhesive lamination and flame lamination. Fabricators use bonding chemicals such as a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to laminate the foam during adhesive lamination. Agents can be administered directly to both surfaces or indirectly via transfer tape, which is pre-coated release liners.

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