Closed cell foam products are well suited for use in the aerospace sector. Closed-cell polyethylene foam can be used in a variety of applications since it is both lightweight and resilient. All of Bracken Foam’s plastazote foam is available in a variety of densities, hardnesses, and colours.

Clients in the aircraft industry benefit from closed cell foam materials with a high density, such as polyethylene and plastazote.

Plastazote's lightweight nature

Plastazote’s lightweight nature and great durability make it ideal for use in light aircraft seating and interior trims, as well as high-performance turbine protection.

Because of its non-abrasive nature, high density foam is perfect for shipping. Plastazote foam, for example, can be used to make high-quality flight cases and is also an excellent acoustic material for sound absorption. As shadow boards for production trays, other high-density choices such as closed cell polyethylene foam can be employed. Closed-cell high density foam is great for use in transportation because it has so many applications.

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