Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets

We are Ireland’s Leading Supplier of Foam Sheets

Bracken Foam Fabricators are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality foam sheets in Ireland. Our team produces foam packing materials that are designed to meet your unique needs by using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques such as die-cutting, laminating, fabricating, Splitting and packaging.

What Types of Foam Sheets Do We Supply?
  • Polyethylene Foam Sheets: These hardy closed cell foam sheets are ideal for providing cushioning and protection against repeated strain and impact.
  • Ethafoam Foam Sheets: These high performance, closed-cell foam sheets are well-known for their versatility and have a wide range of applications.
  • Stratocell Foam Sheets: These foam sheets from Sealed Air are available in light and medium densities. They offer a high-performance and
    cost-effective solution for many of today’s protective packaging challenges.
  • Zotafoam Foam Sheets: These closed cell foam sheets come in all densities and are perfectly suited to be used in packaging.
  • Plastazote Foam Sheets: These low-density closed cell foam sheets offer great support and buoyancy and are typically used for upholstery.

Foam Sheets for Protective Cases & Flight Cases

Bracken Foam Fabricators produce foam sheet inserts that can be used to line protective cases and flight cases. Our team can design bespoke products that are precisely cut to fit your case perfectly. This ensures that the goods contained within are securely held in place during transit and are fully protected against a range of hazards.


We at Bracken Foam Fabricators design and fabricate foam sheets to meet the specialized needs of a variety of industries, including:
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At Bracken Foam Fabricators, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality polyethylene and plastazote foam products to customers.

If you require either of these, give us a call , email or simply complete our enquiry form.

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