EndcapSealed Air Stratocell Laminated Plank from Bracken Foam

Stratocell provides a high performance cost effective solution for many of today’s protective packaging challenges.

Sealed Air Stratocell’s Versatile Range

At Bracken Foam we stock the full Stratocell range in both light and medium densities. The lighter densities offer cost effective protection whilst the medium are in many cases comparable in performance to fully extruded plank.

As with all our other raw materials we can supply in sheet, cut units or we can fabricate units to suit your products individual requirements. We can assist you from development to delivery so simply contact us for a free quotation today.

Stratocell Range Available Ex-Stock

  • Stratocell E 24Kg /M3
  • Stratocell S 30Kg /M3
  • Stratocell H 35Kg/M3
  • Stratocell Plus  24Kg/M3 – 30Kg/M3
  • Stratocell Anti Static 24/30Kg/M3
  • Stratocell Whisper  Sound Absorbing Foam

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