Most electronic devices and assemblies are susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD). In many cases, conductive foam can solve this issue helping to protect your product during both manufacture and transportation in a low-humidity environment. Depending on your choice of material, we can apply a variety of fabrication techniques to ensure that all your end user requirements are met.

There are three main groups under which these foams are categorised:

ESD Anti-Static Foam

Polyurethane & Polyethylene

An anti-static agent is applied to this type of foam and coloured with a dye for identification. It will not generate a static charge when it rubs against itself, although it passes a charge through itself to anything contained within. It is often intended for single use and is the least expensive type of ESD foam.

ESD Static Dissipative Foam

Plastazote LD SD

Some static dissipative foams are permanent while others have a limited shelf life. It is contained within a faraday cage and is often the foam of choice for reusable applications. It is perceived as a happy medium between value and longevity.

ESD Conductive Foam

Evazote EV CN

Conductive foam gets its conductive properties from being filled with carbon. It is intended for repeat use and acts as a faraday cage when an item is fully encased within it, negating the need for an outer container when using this foam. This is the highest-end ESD foam available.


Anti-Static Polyethylene

Anti-Static Polyethylene

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