Vertical Cutting

Vertical Cutting

Vertical Cutting​

Vertical cutting machines are used to trim block foam and split flexible foam sheets into different sizes.

Foam is one of the most versatile materials on the market, with practically unlimited applications. We use a variety of machines to shape and cut the foam product to the correct form and size. We can cut a range of types and densities with our vertical foam cutting machine to provide the best result for our customers.

Our vertical foam saw gives us precision finishing skills whether producing unique goods or just lowering the size of sheets cut by the horizontal saw. With many tables of varying lengths, our vertical foam cutting machine can handle projects of all sizes at the same time. We employed this saw to fabricate individual or short-run custom products, such as tapered seating cushions, instead of processing bulk forms, as it was designed for tailoring products.

Unlike automated devices, the vertical saw requires the user to physically guide foam through the blade. Using this dependable vertical foam cutting machine on a range of projects, our professional team works with care and speed to achieve the best results for our customers.

Brackens have installed the latest in blade cutting technology, giving a dust-free finished product and a clean working environment.

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