The foam items we make for our customers are something we are really proud of. Our machines are the heart of our operation in providing the high-quality solutions you anticipate with every purchase, with an emphasis on precise cuts for a variety of foam kinds. One of our more specialized machines is our foam convoluter machine.

Convoluter cutters are responsible for cutting solid sheets into our instantly identifiable egg crate foam without generating waste. The foam convoluter, like a horizontal cutter, pushes a blade through the middle of a sheet of foam, but it also compresses the foam as it passes through the machine, utilizing a studded roller to add pressure during the cut. As the blade travels through the foam, the portions under the studs are crushed more than in other areas. When the egg crate is freed from the rollers’ pressure, the compressed parts produce the peaks, while the sections are under less pressure from the valleys. Because the blade cuts through the foam in the centre, you end up with two interlocking egg crate sheets from a single solid sheet.

With a profile cutting machine (convoluter), slabs of different initial height can be cut into different profiles. This is a common finishing process in the packaging of electronic components.