Get cushion foam products from Bracken Foam Fabricators

Cushion foam products are a vital part of any industry, from retail to automotive and construction to electronics packaging foam is essential in the movement of parts and items in the world of business. At Bracken foam you can be sure that our foam packaging products are made with the most cutting edge techniques and from the highest quality materials.

A wide range of packaging foam materials available

Whatever your packaging foam need Bracken Foam can find the perfect packing foam material for your purpose. We use the most up-to-date methods to ensure that we can manufacture a range of varying cushion foam materials to suit any need.

Our sealed air ethafoam is a wonderful sound absorbing foam that can suit a range of cushion foam requirements. Similarly sealed air stratocell foam is manufactured by Bracken foam to suit a wide range of cushion foam needs. The pactiv jiffy nopaplank foam is manufactured in both high and low density and can be used for a wide variety of packing foam and protective packaging uses. Similarly pactiv jiffy polylam is available in both high density and in an anti-static variety to suit a wide range of foam packaging uses.

Our Zotafoam materials can be converted easily using traditional foam fabrication techniques such as cutting, precision splitting, gluing, laminating, heat welding and die-cutting to suit a range of foam packaging needs such as the creation of protective packaging products. Polyurethane Foam, commonly referred to as “sponge foam”, is both flexible and high resilient making it the perfect choice for a wide range of cushion foam requirements.

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At Bracken Foam Ireland we are committed to delivering the best cushion foam options, from protective packaging to packing foam, to our customers. Contact us today to see how our foam fabricators can help you by calling us on +353 21 4709556, emailing us on or alternatively you can simply fill out our enquiry form.