Foam Products for Museums & Art Galleries

Whether you’re working with valuable works of art or historical artefacts, you will need to provide top-quality protection while the items are being displayed, stored or transported. Foam protective packaging is ideal for packing of fragile items for use in a museum, art gallery, or auction house. Bracken Foam Fabricators specialise in the creation of foam products for museums and galleries. Should you require a specific type of foam for your product, we will use advanced foam cutting techniques to design and produce a bespoke material that will meet your unique specifications.

Collection of books on display in a museum

Properties of Our Foam Products

An ideal cushioning material for valuable objects, our waterproof foam products have non-scratch and non-staining properties. They are also water and chemical resistant, so you can be sure that the item inside will be well-protected in all eventualities. Our protective foam products for museums and galleries are available in a choice of colours and can be designed to house all sizes and shapes of items.

Uses of Our Foam Products in Museums & Galleries

  • Foam box lining
  • Display case lining
  • Storage and packaging foam
  • Picture padding
  • Conservation packaging, protection and display
  • Drawer liners and custom inserts
  • Book stands and pillows
  • Backing and support panels
  • Working boards for sorting specimens

To find out more about our specialised foam products for museums and galleries, get in touch with our team by phone or email today.