Polyurethane & Polyethylene Foam For Computers

Given the fragility of computer products like laptops, monitors and keyboards, it’s vital to protect these with a cushioned, durable packaging material. Foams such as polyurethane and polyethylene are perfect for this purpose.

Polyurethane is a sponge-like, open cell foam with great consistency. It is commonly used for packaging sensitive, lightweight items and offers excellent protection of the most delicate and critical areas of technological units.

Polyethylene is more rigid and is also quite pliable and flexible. It is renowned for its exceptional recovery characteristics, which helps it maintain a level of dimensional stability, no matter how hard you bend it, it’s not going to break. It is a closed cell foam that is regularly used by packaging designers seeking a foam that doesn’t absorb liquids.

Applications for polyethylene & polyurethane foam

Key Properties of polyethylene & polyurethane foam

  • Impact absorption
  • Cushioning
  • Space fillers
  • Protective inserts(box,tote,tray)
  • Protective 


  • Covers a full range of densities(low, medium & high).
  • Covers the complete hardness range currently available.
  • Easily meets requirements for anti-static material due to the wide range of options available.
  • Great versatility – can be converted for multiple applications using standard industry processes.

Polyethylene Endcap

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