KOPP experts in Foam

The team here at Bracken Foam Fabricators are delighted to announce a brand new partnership with KÖPP. KÖPP is one of the premier manufacturers and processors of cellular rubber, polyethylene foam and sponge rubber in Europe. Since their foundation in 1938, KÖPP have established themselves as industry-leaders in their home country of Germany. Their innovative products have been applied across numerous industries including but not limited to the automotive, packing, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors plus much more. Their product range features a huge variety of densities, and a comprehensive range of special qualities (e.g. flame-retardant, static dissipative, peroxide-cured, or low-smoke).

KÖPP are experts in the production of cellular polyethylene foam. KÖPP’s polyethylene foam range comes in various densities and colours and can be designed to varying degrees of softness. Some additional properties of this foam include:

• electrically conductive
• anti-static
• fire resistant
• high ageing stability
• high chemical resistance
• low emission values
• odour-free

Cellular polyethylene has many applications across a wide range of sectors such as the automotive, construction, electrical engineering, aerospace, medicine, renewable energy, sports and leisure industries.