We fabricate buoyancy and marine upholstery foam for shipping

For many years, Bracken Foam Fabricators have provided the marine industry with versatile, original and reliable polyethene and polyurethane foam for nautical applications including buoyancy rings, life jackets, navigation markers and more. These all boast top-class flotation properties with added structural integrity – they are specially blended so that they do not absorb water.

Furthermore, all our marine foam products meet environmental standards and are made from eco-friendly materials. Our range does not contribute to global warming or ozone reduction, nor does it pollute open water.

Applications for high density polyurethane & polyethylene foam

  • Buoyancy
  • Stringers
  • Floatation aids
  • Acoustic foam for noise damping
  • Seating and bedding

Key properties of high density polyurethane & polyethylene foam

  • These foams are highly resilient.
  • They are lightweight and extremely buoyant.
  • They are water-and chemical-repellent.
  • They are flame-retardant to comply with upholstery fire regulations.

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