Fragile and delicate items such as computers, electronic goods or high-tech tools require perfect protection during their shipment.

Polylam is a polyethylene foam of various densities that ensure ideal protection from shocks and impacts. They are environmentally friendly as they can be reused as well as they are moisture-resistant and do not scratch the surface.

High performance Sealed Air Ethafoam

Polylam is a product obtained by the lamination of foam layers. The light structure of the closed cells ensures the highest standards of protection from multiple shocks and impacts as well as it enables us to design its shape. Polylam means the simplicity of its conversion to ready-to-use packaging.

The foam is CFC free hence does not have a negative effect on the environment.
Non-cross-linked material structure gives us an opportunity to recycle it to raw material.

  • Polylam Low Density Material
  • Polylam High Density Material
  • Polylam Low Density Anti Static Material
  • Polylam High Density Antistatic Material