Solid Work

CAD with Solidworks

Design is integral to our work at Bracken Foam  as good design not only ensures an effective end product it  also can reduce costs through material used and production time required.

In conjunction with Sealed Air, one of our foam partners , we offer our customers a full solution based design and development package. Your product can be taken through a five stage process that will ensure that your protective packaging solution will deliver your product safely to the end user.

Five Step Design Process


Step 1.

Understand the shipping and distribution environment.




disc drive

Step 2.

Define the fragility of the product


Foam Solutions 

Step 3.

Select the appropriate cushioning material


Step 4.

Design the prototype package



Test cut out


Step 5.

Verify the package through testing





Contact us about our design process.

At Bracken Foam Ireland we are committed to delivering the best design to delivery service to our customers. Contact us today to see how our foam fabricators can help you by calling us on +353 21 4709556, emailing us on or alternatively you can simply fill out our enquiry form.

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