Design & Manufacture of Complex Foam Products for Industry

ISO 9001​

What is ISO 9001

We are delighted to announce here at Bracken Foam Fabricators that we have achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System for ‘Design & Manufacture of Complex Foam Products for Industry’.

At Bracken Foam Fabricators we pride ourselves on being a leading foam manufacturer and supplier throughout Europe. Whether using our own in-house design or working from a drawing supplied by a customer, you can anticipate the highest quality and design from our expert team. We have the expertise to manufacture even the most complicated foam products for the industry.

The international standard ISO 9001 defines the requirements for a quality management system (QMS). The standard is used by businesses to show that they can consistently deliver products and services that fulfil customer and regulatory criteria. It is the most widely used standard in the ISO 9000 series and the only one that enterprises can certify against.

Organisations can only certify to ISO 9001, the only standard in the ISO 9000 series. An organisation that has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification has demonstrated the following:

  • Follows the ISO 9001 standard’s guidelines.

  • Fulfils its own requirements

  • Meets customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Maintains documentation

Benefits of ISO 9001 For Our Customers

  1. Improved service quality has the added benefit of enhanced on-time delivery.
  2. Returns are less common since problems are found and remedied faster, and frequently without the customer’s knowledge.
  3. Certification works as confirmation that the organisation provides consistent, dependable, and fit-for-purpose solutions.
  4. Improved customer experience enhancing the interaction between customers/stakeholders and the organisation will enhance the customer experience and raise the likelihood of the customer returning in the future.

Take a look at our ISO 9001 – Quality Management Certificate.

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