In recent years, people are very much more focused towards being environmentally aware and climate conscious. Coupled with that, there has been a massive increase in online shopping. This has been compounded by the global pandemic meaning more physical shops and stores are closed. As a result, the move to online purchasing has multiplied even further over the last 12 months; this has also resulted in a huge uptick in packaging that is necessary to make products more secure in transit. More fragile items like glass, furniture and so on have a higher degree of breakage possibility in transit than compared to for example, fashion purchases. However, the conflict you have is that in the effort to be make the product such as a glass lamp more secure in transit, the end-user i.e.  the consumer receives a vast amount of packaging that they need to then dispose of. The consumer then can become frustrated if this packaging is non-recyclable or if it’s unclear as to whether it is or not.
Check out our recent infographic that examines the whole area of the benefits of moving to a more sustainable packaging solution.

Sustainability Packaging Benefits