HPRC Hard Cases

We stock a tremendous selection of high-performance resin cases from renowned Italian brand HPRC. These hard cases are perfectly suited to a diverse range of applications and activities, including photography, outdoor pursuits, nautical endeavours, military operations and more. They are ideal for transporting fragile or sensitive items, as the hard case shell will keep its contents firmly protected in transit, yet they are still lightweight enough to feel comfortable carrying. Also, HPRC cases are resistant to dust, water and corrosion from chemical agents. When combined with our custom foam inserts, the contents are exceptionally protected both inside and out.

Buy HPRC cases online from Bracken Foam Fabricators

Bracken Foam Fabricators are the only authorised distributors of HPRC cases in Ireland, so we can exclusively provide the full gamut of HPRC products such as hard cases, conversion kits and foam kits, as well as manufacturing bespoke foam inserts for HPRC cases. If you have any enquiries, call us on +353 21 4709556 , email info@foamfabricators.ie or alternatively fill out our enquires form.

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