Protective Hard Cases for Cameras, Lenses & Gear

If you are a professional photographer or videographer, a hard case is the best way to ensure that your gear is fully protected. While regular camera bags will protect your gear against light knocks and bumps, a well-made hard case is virtually indestructible and will keep your equipment safe from hostile environments and rough handling.

Bracken Foam Fabricators provide specialist hard cases for photographers and videographers. Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, shockproof, and airtight; our cases offer the ultimate in impact protection for delicate photography equipment such as cameras, lenses, drones and electronic devices. Our range features a variety of sizes, and it includes a number of larger sizes in case you need to pack tripods, lights, and other accessories along with your camera.Photographer taking a photo on top of a mountain

Foam Inserts for Hard Camera Cases

Our selection of hard cases come with foam interiors that are cut to fit your gear precisely. Not only does the foam provide protective cushioning, but it also allows you to keep all of your equipment organised. If you already have a hard case, then our team can design and manufacture a custom foam padding interior that is cut to perfectly fit within your case.

HPRC Hard Camera Cases

We stock a diverse selection of HPRC hard cases which have been specially designed to store and protect cameras and photographic equipment. These cases have been made from TTX01 blend polypropylene, and as such they are strong, light, watertight and impact-resistant. What’s more, they can withstand extreme temperatures from -40° to 80°C. When combined with our custom foam inserts, you can rest assured that your gear will be fully protected both inside and out.

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