Investing in Our Machinery at Bracken Foam

Our new Kongsberg X24 Edge CNC cutting machine. Preventing manufacturing bottlenecks and downtimes is, in times like these, our top priority. One of our strategies at Bracken Foam Fabricators is to further expand our machinery, including this year our new Kongsberg X24 Edge high-speed CNC cutting machine. The Kongsberg X24 Edge can handle any type of application for signage, display, and packaging with high production

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10 Must-See Art Galleries This International Artists Day

There’s no doubt that art is one of the most important aspects of human culture. It has been used to express our thoughts and feelings, document our history, and bring us together as a community. And over the years, art has evolved into many different forms. Today, you can find art in galleries and museums around the world, each with its own unique style and

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Preventing Concussions & Head Injuries In Sport

A number of high-profile concussion incidents in professional sport have put the topic high on the public agenda, with parents understandably worried that their kids might suffer the same fate during their sporting pursuits. While a few bodily knocks can be expected from participation in certain sports, the line is well and truly crossed when head injuries occur, and most of these happen through pure

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Sustainability Packaging Benefits

In recent years, people are very much more focused towards being environmentally aware and climate conscious. Coupled with that, there has been a massive increase in online shopping. This has been compounded by the global pandemic meaning more physical shops and stores are closed. As a result, the move to online purchasing has multiplied even further over the last 12 months; this has also resulted

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How to Soundproof A Room the Easy Way

Our blog investigates how soundproofing could improve your lifestyle and add value to your home. Continue reading to learn more about how to soundproof your home the easy way. What is Soundproofing? Soundproofing refers to the development of acoustic treatments to suppress, redirect or absorb soundwaves either at source or through techniques such as insulation. Soundproofing techniques Absorption: Permeable or resounding absorbing materials can be

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Bracken Foam Frabricators: Leaders in Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Practices

Bracken foam is now fabricating sealed air EcoPure family of foams, renewable bio-based EcoPure polyethylene foam. EcoPure Hybrid utilises bio based resins while reusing post consumable plastic content to bring together a strong sustainable product, Bracken foam is now the market leader in Ireland not only for recycling 100 % of its waste in its manufacturing process but for moving forward for sustainably sourced plant-based

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